One of the unquestionable highlights of last year’s Festival was Christian Blackshaw’s five-concert series of Mozart’s complete piano sonatas, a poetic and profoundly moving experience of deeply felt musicianship that drew audiences to their feet in St John’s. This year, we’re delighted to welcome him to St Canice’s to perform three of Schubert’s greatest masterpieces.

Written in the last months of his life, Schubert’s final three sonatas form a trilogy of late, great works that drew on Beethoven and deeply influenced Brahms. Overlooked for more than a century, they have since become cornerstones of the classical piano repertoire. As the Financial Times noted, they ‘could almost have been written with Blackshaw’s musical temperament in mind,’ and in his hands ‘every note lives and breathes’.

few pianists nowadays hypnotise their audiences quite like he does Financial Times

Photo credit: Herbie Knott