One of the most talked-about shows at last year’s Festival was Behind the Dark, a deeply eerie, strikingly beautiful fusion of dance and acrobatics staged at night in Kilfane Glen. 

The show’s creators, the award-winning Loosysmokes, are rapidly making a name for themselves as one of Ireland’s most original companies and this year they return to Kilkenny to present the world premiere of a brand new work. 

Raven Eyed is a spectacular blend of gravity-defying aerial work and audio-visuals that explores the boundary between the past and the present, the real and the imagined to create a turbulent dreamscape where superstition meets the surreal.                                                                                                   

Taking place in the historic Brewhouse – the former Smithwick's brewery, and one of the most atmospheric spaces in the city – Raven Eyed is an acrobatic tour de force that will turn your perspective upside down.


a highly visual and mesmerising performance of intense skill and power ... a dark and moving fusion of modern circus and contemporary dance Review Hub on Behind the Dark