Väsen is Swedish for ‘spirit’ or ‘essence’, and for 27 years the trio has been the very essence of the Swedish folk scene with their effortless blend of tradition and innovation. Steeped in the ancient traditions of their native Uppland, all three members are virtuosos in their own right. Olov Johansson is a world champion of the nyckelharpa (a keyed fiddle) while composer, producer and arranger Mikael Marin is a master fiddler, but it’s the addition of Roger Tallroth on 12-string guitar that offers a fresh new twist on Swedish folk. Together, Väsen are a veritable supergroup – Sweden’s answer to The Gloaming – performing a mix of ancient melodies and their own compositions with verve, intensity and wit, and they’re sure to go down a storm in the Set.

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the sound may be traditional, but the attitude is completely modern Wired