Tranquil Thursday at ALBESILA.

August 14, 2017

Tranquil Thursday at ALBESILA.

Architects of Air are a UK company whose unique Luminariums are welcomed to the Kilkenny Arts Festival for their fifth successive year. Since 1992, over 3 million visitors in 41 countries have succumbed to their ' Sancturies of the Senses.' The inflatable structures are inspired by Islamic and Gothic architecture, and mother nature features too in soaring arcs that resemble the branches of great trees. Further inspiration comes from the firmament, which is a limitless source of transcendental images and forms. 

To enter Albesila is to be unsure if you are in a small meditative space or a soaring cathedral. Each exit leads to an entry into an unknown world which could be either. Sometimes this world features a soothing or energising single colour, at other times a brilliant remix of the rainbow. 

During my visit yesterday, babies crawled in obvious delight at being back in a mutli-coloured womb, and toddlers romped shrieking in gleefull abandon, whilst parents attempted to corall them for photographs.

On Thursday the 17th, at 6pm, Albesila will be a designated ' Child Free Zone.' Those in search of calm amidst the storms of life should drop by and chill out.