Talbot’s Tower

12 Ormonde Rd, Kilkenny
GPS coordinates: 52.647963, -7.252607

Talbots Tower still stands proudly after 755 years. Over the course of that time, a number of changes have occurred. Originally the Tower would have been solely for defensive purposes but at one period it was also incorporated into a garden and many exotic colourful flowers were grown atop the tower. The walls around it have also changed. The walls surrounding the tower originally would have been much taller and would have included arrow loops. The walls and the tower would have also been surrounded by a moat which would have made the wall higher again.

In 2007, work commenced on restoring the tower, the walls attached to it and resurfacing the moat. Nearly 2,000 artefacts were discovered at the site such as musket balls, coins, a key, marbles and much more.


This venue is wheelchair friendly.


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