John Street, Kilkenny
+353 56 7765133

Bridies is a stunning take on an old world bar and general store. Take a walk into the general store and purchase some excellent fine foods or pick up old items such as snuff or perhaps you would like to stroll through the saloon doors into the bar itself. In the bar you will be greeted by a beautiful tiled floor, superb wood panelled walls, pewter and marble counters. The next gem in this wonderful place is the exotic walled garden with ample seating in Victorian styled bus shelters.

“Popping out for a packet of Milky Mints mightn’t turn out to be as innocent as it sounds if you’re headed for Bridie’s General Store in Kilkenny City. Behind the traditional Irish shop front, with luscious cakes piled high on glass shelves in the window, there’s a jewel of a shop with vintage-style confectionery stacked on the shelves and baskets of “bread baked by Bridie”. But when you go through the inner saloon doors, there’s a gleaming traditional wood-panelled bar, with tiled floors and pewter and marble counters, attended by staff in crisp full-length aprons.”

- Marie-Claire Digby, The Irish Times – Saturday, November 6, 2010

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