The Little Green Grocer

6 Parliament St., Kilkenny

The Little Green Grocer is run by two sisters, Sarah and Eleanor, who are passionate about delicious fresh healthy food. The shelves of their little store are filled with wonderful natural products: organic wines, farmhouse cheeses, artisan breads, local organic vegetables, locally-produced sauces, jams, honey, nuts, seeds, whole grains, cold-pressed oils. They have a deliciously healthy weekday vegetarian and vegan sandwich menu that changes daily to match the availability of seasonal produce.  They love everything about food – making, baking, cooking, eating, sharing. They really think about what we put on our shelves and each product is carefully selected to reflect our ethos. They strongly believe that delicious nutritious food makes life so much better. They are delighted to be able to bring our ideals of local, natural, organic and sustainable living to their little store here in Kilkenny.

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