Shakespeare in the Castle Yard is always a Festival ‘must see’ and a unique theatrical experience for young and old. This year, Rough Magic’s new and uniquely Irish take on A Midsummer Night’s Dream, directed by Lynne Parker and created specially for Castle Yard, will offer outrageous proof that Shakespeare is for life, not just for the Leaving Cert.

Spirits, lovers, tyrants, fools – which is which? Under Lynne Parker’s direction, Rough Magic’s dynamic new creative ensemble of actors and designers present Shakespeare’s most magical comedy. 

From within the walls of the Castle Yard springs a parallel reality as the natural forces of magnetism and electricity run wild; a topsy-turvy universe ignited by incandescent language, where the laws of physics warp, the mind plays tricks, and civilization crumbles beneath a crazy bunch of characters who don’t know which way to turn. We mortals may have meddled with nature too long…


Director: Lynne Parker

Lighting & Set Design: Sarah Jane Shiels

Costume Design: Katie Davenport

Sound Design & Composition: Denis Clohessy

Cast: Martha Breen, Amy Conroy, Peter Corboy, Aoibhéann McCann, Karen McCartney, Paul Mescal, Conor O'Riordan & Kieran Roche

Rough Magic is supported by the Arts Council

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Photo credit: Ste Murray