A salvaging, a repurposing, a remembering or a reimagining. Following the cancellation of Clouds and Boulders, his ambitious, large-scale, concert-inspired work with original music by Eoin French, Ross Dowling and Peter Power, Luke Murphy – the work’s choreographer, director and sole performer – now acts as witness and survivor in a living archive of the unrealised work. Luke will take up a three-day residency at the Butler Gallery to present an installation performance, mapping, examining and rediscovering the planned, developed but unfinished material for the original show.

Mapping Terrain offers audiences a voyeuristic window into the process of conceiving, developing and dismantling a project. When the pieces are torn apart what remains? What lingers? And how do you respond? Luke invites an intimate audience in to observe the process of repurposing and re-embodying.

A quiet yet virtuosic installation performance of dance, film and process.


Download Clouds & Boulders: Mapping Terrain Programme (pdf)

Photo credit: Hope Youngblood