The Liffey Banks, fiddler Tommie Potts’ radical reinterpretation of traditional tunes, has long been thought undanceable. But if anyone was going to accept the challenge it had to be Colin Dunne. Celebrated for his innovative approach to traditional dance, Dunne is Potts’ kindred spirit, and he has drawn inspiration from Potts to create Concert, a response to The Liffey Banks that was rapturously received on its debut at Dublin Dance Festival this year. Part dance piece, part multidisciplinary concert, Concert mixes live performance with looped recordings and a soundscore by Mel Mercier to build a rich tapestry of movement and sound. At once intimate, witty and playful, Concert stages an unmissable duet between two great Irish artists. 

Supported by Bill & Denise Whelan

warm, funny, respectful and irreverent ... Colin Dunne is more than up to the challenge of the 'undanceable' Tommie Potts The Irish Times *****