Fly is a puppet theatre show for 5-to-10-year-olds and adults – a poetic journey into a circus world of strange characters, big
emotions and captivating puppet imagery.

Arthur and Marta are two very old puppeteers who have been together throughout their lives. With a magical pavilion as a focal point, they play out the story of the poor orphan boy Max, who is being bullied and oppressed and is longing to fly. One day he discovers the giraffe woman Lily, and the great love that might give him wings…

Teater Patrasket is a well-known travelling theatre from Copenhagen that tours throughout Denmark and abroad. The performance, created in collaboration with the director Giacomo Ravicchio, draws inspiration from melodrama, freak show and circus romance.

We acknowledge with gratitude the support of Creative Ireland and the Arts Council of Ireland.

'We believe passionately that an audience of children has the same right to the highest standards of production as does an adult audience and the shows coming to StormFest this year exemplify this quality.’ Artistic Director Barnstorm, Philip Hardy