IFI LOCAL FILMS FOR LOCAL PEOPLE brings county-specific programmes of films from the IFI Irish Film Archive out of the vaults and back to the communities from whence they came. Audiences enjoy seeing their locality on screen and the possibility of seeing themselves or their forebears in films made in years gone by. The programmes include both professional and amateur films dating from silent days to more modern times.



85 mins / B&W / 1958 / George Pollock

This much-loved comedy follows the trials and tribulations of Rooney (John Gregson), a dustbin man by trade and hurler by passion. He is selected for the Dublin hurling team but the road to Croke Park is not smooth. Most memorable for its daring insertion of Gregson into the actual1957 hurling final, local audiences will be amused as he togs out in black and amber and lines up with the Kilkenny team.  

GAA Hurling Final 1957                                                                                                                       

10 mins / B&W / 1957 

Kilkenny meets Waterford in a nail-biting final.                                                                                   

KILKENNY KALEIDOSCOPE: PROGRAMME 2                                                                                   

A collection of short films celebrating Kilkenny’s rich cultural heritage, including:


POLITICAL RALLY KILKENNY                                                                                                              

5 mins / B&W /c.1917

The Republican revolutionary Countess Markievicz addresses a crowd in Kilkenny.                      


KILKENNY 685                                                                                                                                             

20 mins / B&W / 1966


A pioneering programme of voluntary social service under the leadership of an unusual bishop, Dr Peter Birch.                                                                                                                         


THE RESTORATION OF KILKENNY CASTLE     30 mins / Colour / 1995


Film documenting the painstaking restoration of the castle by the OPW.


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