What happens when a town takes on the re-telling of its own dark history?
Come with us on a promenade adventure into an alternate world of Gods and monsters.
A future-town where truth and lies are interchangeable, where public opinion is formed by dangerous rhetoric and whoever shouts it loudest.
A place where the only hope for the future is the voice of a teenager...
This could be my town, or your town... or any town.

Thomas Kilroy’s Booker-nominated novel is a fictionalised re-telling of the real events surrounding the internationally notorious Callan Schools Affair. This radical adaptation sees the people of Callan retelling their own story, exploring the past to re-imagine the future, using the town of Callan as its stage.

Supported by an exceptional team of professional theatre artists, The Big ChapelX is a large-scale, inclusive, participative, multi-disciplinary community engagement project with talks, workshops, events, podcasts and community gatherings, culminating in this large-scale promenade theatre production.

Writer: John Morton
Director: Donal Gallagher
Designer: Medb Lambert
Composer: Irene Buckley
Lighting Designer: Paul Keogan
Choreographer: Cindy Cummings
Costume Designer: Lisa Zagone
Video Designer: John Loftus
Podcast & Events Curator: Etaoin Holahan
Architecture Curator: Je Ahn & Studio Weave
Producers: Orlaith Treacy & Maura O’Keeffe