Blaise Smith

Mon 10 – Sat 15 August, 3pm-7pm Watch Via or on the WATCH & LISTEN section of the website

From his celebrated group portrait of Ireland’s eight leading female scientists to intimate portraits of his parents at home, Blaise Smith is celebrated for his meticulous portraits depicting people from all walks of life. Since moving to the village of Dungarvan near Kilkenny 20 years ago, Smith has come to know its people well, discovering a wealth of diversity in one small community, and for this bold new project he embarks on a series of portraits of the villagers, with each sitting broadcast live on social media from 3pm to 8pm. Taking place in the week of the original Festival, from 10 to 15 August, Village People offers viewers a chance to witness an acclaimed portrait artist capturing the changing faces of Ireland in real time.

as a figurative artist, Blaise Smith is … in a class of his own Sunday Times